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10 Wedding Ideas We Love

Let’s get creative! Everyone wants their wedding to stand out and be unique among the rest. In order to help you shine, we found 10 Wedding Ideas that are anything but cookie-cutter.

#1 Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

From social media to electric cars, in today's world, we are definitely driven by technology. Weddings usually always have an elaborate professional photographer and videographer documenting the wedding and putting together a beautiful and emotional album. Wouldn’t it be fun to make the experience a little bit more vintage and personal? Placing disposable cameras or polaroid cameras on each of your guest tables will add an incredible fun-loving aesthetic to your wedding. Get your family and friends involved and have them document their favorite moments of your special day. You’ll have hundreds of printed photos to stick in your own one of a kind album and get to relive your special day through the eyes of your loved ones.

#2 Song Request RSVP’s

Coming up with a playlist for your wedding band or DJ can be very time-consuming and overwhelming. And if you take a basic hit playlist already curated, it may not express your taste personally. Instead, ask for some back-up! Ask your guests to send in song requests within their RSVP’s. Not only will this spark excitement for the big day, but it also gives them no excuse not to get up and dance! You could also make a Spotify Collaborative Playlist and post it on your wedding website to let your guests add their suggestions directly.

#3 Charcuterie Boards

On a classic guest table, we would usually see a flower decoration, a table number, candles, and maybe some cliche crystal. Designing your own charcuterie board with you and your partner's favorite sweets, cheeses, meats, berries, etc. will make your decor that much more personal and fun. Write a little note with meaning, if there is any, for your guests to read. Be unique with your centerpieces while also making your guests experience more memorable with these small details.

#4 Social Media Integration

Generate a designated wedding hashtag and put it to good use! Not only will a wedding hashtag allow you to follow your guests’ photos from your ceremony and your reception, but also let them live-tweet the wedding. Of course, no flash photography, but wait and see how thankful you will be for being able to see the small moments that you wouldn't have been able to witness otherwise.

#5 Midnight Snacks

If your guests need a little re-charge toward the end of the night or are heading back to the hotel, they may still want a little nibble of food; especially after dancing the night away and enjoying a cocktail or two. Consider talking to your venue or caterers about putting together a small midnight snack menu. Fill your menu with yummy hot dogs, french fries, mini burger sliders, or pizza bagels. You can serve them up individually wrapped with a fun wedding logo, or your wedding monogram to be extra creative!

#6 Thoughtful Favors

As you continue to plan your wedding, there are a ton of small details that you and your partner will be coming up with, like creating your color scheme, wedding hashtag, a monogram, maybe some signature cocktails, and so on. A memorable touch to add is by creating a personalized scented soap to add to your party favors. You and your partner could pick out your favorite scents and combine them, and it is something guests can use!

#7 Hangover Helpers

Allow your guests to feel taken care of on their way home with hangover helpers. These hangover kits can be filled with all of your hangover necessities like aspirin, water, snacks, bandaids, candy, Pedialyte packets, and even an eye mask. If you've arranged a hotel shuttle or valet service, have these little hangover kits available for when they hop in the shuttle or coordinate with the hotel to have them in guest rooms when they arrive.

#8 Switch Bridal Robes to Pajamas

Most bridal entourage robes are only worn while getting ready for the wedding that they were made for. They usually end up in the back of a closet, or forever hung-up on the back of a door, instead opt-out for cute pajamas or lounge sets that your bridal party will definitely wear again. Instead of initialing your own monogram or wedding date, make it more about them and have their initials embroidered on the inline seam. You can choose a fun print like floral or pinstripe or stick with your wedding color palette. Regardless, make sure you choose a comfy or silky material.

#9 Add Experiences to Your Wedding Registry

The wedding registry that you and your partner have made consists of all of your new home necessities from cutlery, to blenders, bathroom sets, and more. Material items are obviously fundamental in filling your home up, but real-life experiences can also mean a lot as well. Add some fun activities for friends and family to purchase to your registry that you and your partner can experience together. Is there a cooking class you’ve meant to take? A local wine tasting experience? There is no need to limit your favorite experiences from what you would appreciate as a wedding gift.

Photo by Paolo Tanjuakio

#10 Microwedding Options

The Breakwaters at The Dunes is the perfect venue to host your wedding and incorporate these unique ideas. To help during these uncertain times, our team is now offering microweddings! Celebrate your special day with your closest friends and family for an incredible and intimate experience. Soak in the coastal ambiance with natural, beautiful backdrops just steps away from the beaches of Sea Isle City. The Breakwaters at The Dunes has an on-site wedding coordinator to guide you through your event. The Dunes also has rental accommodations on-site for you and your guests, making this a one-stop-shop. Let’s take the next steps to plan your microwedding at the shore! Contact our event coordinator, Sarah, so that we can make your day happen and be more special than ever.

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