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Advantages of a Winter Wedding

While September and October are the most popular wedding months throughout the country, the last thing any bride wants is to have a cookie-cutter event. Sometimes it’s good to change things up. Have you ever considered a winter wedding to set yours apart from others? Aside from the cost incentives, choosing a non-conventional venue during an off-peak time of year is a built-in reward for the savvy bride wanting a unique event. A big key to customization is the menu, décor, setup, and overall sentiment that your guests will take away with them at the end of the night. When planning a winter wedding, embrace the offerings that come with the season. Doing so will make your event just that much more unique. By incorporating comfort foods, winter flowers, and outdoor decor your wedding will be one to remember. After all, it’s not every day you get to experience the joy of your extended family, lifelong friends, and close loved ones celebrating together.

A Hint of Winter Foods

One of the most memorable parts of a special event to a guest is the food. The easiest thing you can do is to embrace the winter harvest options. For example, a delicious way to warm up your cocktail hour is to include baked cheese appetizers, such as a caramelized pear and gorgonzola tartlet or a beef slider with caramelized onions, whole grain mustard aioli, and melted swiss. A great first-course option would be a salad that incorporates root vegetables and slow-roasted nuts like arugula with red and yellow beets, feta cheese, toasted walnuts.

You’ll also want to opt for overall ‘warmer’ options for your menu, seeing it will most likely be relatively cold that day. For example, serving small cups of tomato soup embellished with a mini grilled cheese stick is a delicious way for your guests to stay warm and full. Another sweet idea is to have a coffee or a hot cocoa bar. Whether in custom ‘to-go cups’ and used as a send-off station or displayed as a DIY action station with candy canes and marshmallows, nothing relates to winter as much as a warm drink in your hands. Go one step further to please the more ‘adult’ guests by offering spiced cider with a cinnamon stick, mulled wine with raisins, buttered rum with clove, or even eggnog with grated nutmeg for additional soul-warming winter beverage ideas.

Romantic Blooms

When it comes to winter florals, opting for monochromatic whites and ivories with accents that reflect the outdoors will allow for a stunning centerpiece or a striking bouquet. Rather than brightly colored flowers that could be hard to incorporate, opt for more sophisticated, neutral tones found in paperwhites, winter jasmines, anemones, and roses. Another useful tip is to garnish flower arrangements with popular green foliage like English holly, phillyred, and eucalyptus. These garnishes will add subtle, authentic touches throughout

Use Your Surroundings for Inspiration

Incorporating items found in nature is an easy and effective way to bring the outdoors in. Adding accents around, such as evergreens, dipped, pinecones and bunches of berries are simple touches that tie the winter season into your day effortlessly. Another place to add winter flair to your wedding is by focusing on the centerpieces. One modern DIY option is to collect fallen tree branches, spray them with metallic tones, and bunch them in a clear vase for a simple and natural aesthetic. Another idea is to anchor a group of pillar candles on a rustic wood slice atop a wreath of greens and pinecones. Whether you are using traditional rounds or rustic barn tables, a great centerpiece is a key to a well-decorated table.

Wintery Hair and Makeup

When it comes to your hair and makeup there is a multitude of styles to consider. You can choose bohemian waves with a radiant blush a classic bun accented by a red lip, or a sophisticated updo and a soft smoky eye. Some suggestions on how to add seasonal accents to your chosen hairstyle include crowning your hair with a sparkly band that resembles snowflakes, twisting in a climbing crystal vine, or tucking a eucalyptus hair comb or a single flower hairpin.

There are just many ways your makeup can mirror the season. One trend you will want to incorporate into your wedding day makeup is a glowing, pearlescent base. You can achieve this by opting for an illuminating primer, a dewy foundation, and a liquid highlighter. Using the same tint on your cheeks and lips will offer a natural impression as well, like the flush that appears when coming in out of the cold. Adding sparkle to the center of your eyelids, similar to that of a fallen snowflake, will give your eyes a lively glimmer. These combinations are just a few tips for adding a stunning bridal glow sure to radiate all night long.

Looking for a venue to hold your winter wedding? Let the Breakwaters bring your vision to life! With an indoor onsite ceremony option, a separate cocktail hour space, and a ballroom that fits 160 guests, our venue is sure to meet all your needs. To view a full list of our accommodations, click here!

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