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Benefits of Having a Micro-Event

Benefits of having a micro-event at The Breakwaters

Has COVID-19 disrupted your wedding or special occasion? Whether it's an intimate wedding, family gathering, or milestone event, The Breakwaters at The Dunes has a great outdoor space for you! The Breakwaters at The Dunes can provide the perfect setting and service that will bring the joy and excitement back into planning and celebrating your milestone.

Wedding party at The Breakwaters at the Dunes

What is a Micro-Wedding?

The pandemic of 2020 is a once in a lifetime experience, leaving many brides & grooms in circumstances never seen before. Subsequently though, this time has allowed brides & grooms to consider what really matters to them and see their wedding day in a different light.

A micro-wedding is a way of celebrating your special time in a more intimate way. You can prioritize what you really want and still celebrate, just with a smaller group of people that you really want there. It can be the perfect cross between a high-end wedding on a budget while still having all of the traditional features. Having a smaller guest list can allow you to splurge on more luxurious things that you’ve always wanted. It may seem crazy to plan a wedding for 50 or fewer people, but in the end, those people will be the most important ones on your guest list to begin with and you’ll get to enjoy the day with them.

Jar for wedding savings

Don’t Break the Bank

There are a ton of great benefits to having a smaller-scale event, the most beneficial one being that just about everything in your party planning can now be more affordable. A typical wedding usually consists of a day filled with excess; from food, flowers, decor, a top-shelf bar, favors, and more. Unfortunately, all of these extravagant aspects also usually fall outside of most people’s budget. Fewer guests mean less food, favors, and decorations...which means more money in your wallet. Food and alcohol are typically two of the biggest expenses at a wedding. Minimizing your guest list means reducing food, alcohol and other associated costs. Removing the price tags that go with having to pay for each guest individually will give you more room to pick and choose your big-ticket items and can help prioritize what you really want to splurge on. A micro-wedding could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Event spaces at The Dunes

The Perfect Location

With a smaller guest list, you will have some flexibility for different venue options. For more of a non-traditional styled event, you can choose a location with a lot of natural beauty in the surrounding area like in the mountains or near the beach. The Breakwaters at The Dunes is perfectly situated just steps from the bay and a short block from the beautiful beaches of South Jersey.

At The Breakwaters at The Dunes, we have been able to tent our outdoor lot, install a satellite bar, offer delicious food at 6-person, butcher-paper covered picnic tables, and allow for space for live entertainment. Although dance floors are prohibited (at this time), that doesn't mean you can't dance and celebrate with your closest family and friends safely and in an uncomplicated & stress-free way.

Friends with champagne

Intimate Moments

When you go to weddings and events with hundreds of guests, the night can slip away with only having a few seconds with each guest! Sometimes you may not even be able to see everyone that you really wanted to. A smaller affair can allow you to have more intimate moments and conversations with your guests and with your partner. In the end, it's your event and you shouldn’t have to wish you spent more time with the person you just married and guests you care for and love the most.

Celebrating at The Breakwaters At The Dunes

The Breakwaters At The Dunes can ensure the safety of your family and friends throughout your entire stay. Our staff maintains appropriate face coverings, performs hand hygiene often and throughout the event, and complies with a temperature check before clocking in.

We have also created menu options that are suitable and affordable for your shortened guest list. Our incredible chef, Lucas Manteca, and event coordinator, Sarah, have come up with a great menu option starting at $2,500 for a minimum of 20 guests before tax and service. If you would like to extend your guest count (up to 50 persons maximum), it is an additional $50 per person. This style event is meant to be fun, affordable, laid-back, and focused on the newlyweds!

To help during these uncertain times, our team is now offering microweddings!

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