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Best Places to Register for Your Wedding

Wish List

Your registry is the ultimate wish list for your new home with your partner.

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is picking out the stores and websites for your registry. Your registry is the ultimate wish list for your new home with your partner. Choosing the perfect products and sites with the most perks can be overwhelming. It's best to streamline your process with organization.

Start a checklist with categories. The easiest way to group your needs should be by the spaces within your home. Kitchen, Dining Room, Bedroom, Living Room, and Bathroom are the popular tiers you should focus on. You want to receive gifts that are useful for not only the present but also for years to come. Making a list gives you and your partner the opportunity to focus on the items that you need to make a house your home.

Choose Your Retailers

Now, this is the fun part! Exploring the selections of your favorite stores only brings you closer to your vision of the perfect dream home. When choosing the best places to register for your wedding, it's important to keep your guests in mind and where they have the best access to shop. You should choose 3-4 retailers and have at least one that is a national chain like Target or Crate and Barrel.

Target is a great option for the “designer goods for less” trend. When signing up for your registry with Target, you will receive a 15% discount upon completion to use in-store or online. Target also offers a “group gifting” feature that allows a group of people to split the cost on bigger gifts for you and your partner.

Crate and Barrel is one of the most popular registries due to their offerings of sleek furniture and entertaining essentials at an affordable price. With Crate and Barrel, their benefits include a free gift set of their best-selling stemless wine glasses and a 15% completion discount. For the couple on the go, Crate and Barrel also offers a handy wedding and gift registry app so that you can update your registry from anywhere.

For your more selective and unique gift requests, choosing retailers like Anthropologie or Bloomingdales is suitable for purchasing tabletop china, crystal, and silver. Anthropologie caters to all of your boho-chic decor needs that perfectly accent your home. With Anthropologie, you will gain a 15% completion discount. At Bloomingdales, with your registry, you have the option of choosing a personal shopping consultant, a 10% completion discount, and 20% off of all of the items that are leftover from your registry.

Gift Choosing

It's time to choose your gifts! With your checklist and retailers in hand, creating a list of items will be painless and uncomplicated. Remember this is your registry! You don't only have to opt for functional items. Decorating should be on your checklist, and adding you and your partners flare with cozy decor and art fixtures puts your personal signature on your home.

It’s also important to incorporate your guests spending abilities, as you don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable with too expensive of a registry. A great tip for choosing your gifts is to use a price range that you know your guests will be comfortable with, typically $50-$200. Some of the top affordable gifts of 2020 are a toaster oven, a stir fry pan, a food processor, a coffee maker, crystal glasses, and entertaining platters. All of these gifts can be found for under $200!

Go Digital!

Share your registry on your wedding website. In a technology-driven society, making your registry handy through a wedding website allows guests to access your registry at the palm of their hands. A wedding website will include your engagement story, photos, wedding logistics, and of course your registry! You will be able to sync all of your retailers and specifics through this site.

The Breakwaters at the Dunes

Are you still in the beginning stages of planning your wedding? Choosing your registry and ceremony details can seem intimidating. The Breakwaters at the Dunes will be your helping hand in guiding your planning process smoothly. Our team of experienced event planners will put your vision into motion by ensuring your menu selection, room accommodations, and decor are exactly what you pictured. Reach out to our event coordinator Sarah for more information about our versatile venue and benefits of booking with The Breakwaters at the Dunes.

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