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Bridal Suite Must-Haves

On your wedding day, there will be a lot of people that require your attention: your bridal party, your hair and makeup team, your onsite event staff, photographer, and yes, even some of your guests. Although the day may have some stressors your accommodations should be your oasis. It should be a space where you can enjoy getting ready for your special day with your favorite people. To ensure that, make sure your space is stocked with all the necessities. Here are the top 7 things you’ll need in your bridal suite on your wedding day!

#1: Water

Water is essential for your wedding weekend. Staying hydrated can make or break your big day. You have invested in your wedding day look; don’t let dehydration affect your appearance. Dehydration causes headaches, faintness, and hunger, and it can also make your skin appear dry and your lips chapped (gross, we know, but true)! Staying hydrated is essential to looking and feeling your best; therefore, you should keep your bridal suite well stocked with water bottles, and designate someone in your bridal party to keep the H2O flowing throughout the day! A unique and photo-worthy idea could be personalizing reusable water bottles for you and the bridal party. This not only reminds everyone to stay hydrated but also works as a wedding keepsake of the memories made on your day together!

#2: Snacks

You will want enough energy to celebrate all day and night, so fuel your body with nourishing snacks. A simple way to do this is to keep quick and easy-to-eat bites in your suite. Some ideas include a charcuterie board with meats and cheeses, a fruit and vegetable platter, chips and guacamole, smartfood popcorn, and your favorite crackers. Foods that can be eaten with your hands and easy to clean up are ideal! Don’t forget the cute monogrammed napkins!

#3: Music

There is no better way to set the mood on your wedding day than by playing your favorite music! Blasting your custom playlist will keep the tone of your getting-ready process upbeat and fun. Mix up the music to reflect all the stages of your life. Various genres, like soft mellow music for waking up, classic throwbacks that will get you singing along, and whatever tunes get the group dancing will set the mood just right.

#4: Emergency Supply Kit

A simple reminder: You can never be too prepared. Pack your own emergency kit with supplies for all of those ‘just-in-case’ moments. Include things like bandaids, bobby pins, safety pins, tweezers, a sewing kit, medicine, hairspray, feminine products, clear nail polish, nail files, hair ties, scissors, q-tips, makeup remover, Listerine strips, Tums, chapstick, tissues, Emergen-C, deodorant, a Tide to-go pen, and of course, pasties (yes, we said it). A custom emergency supply kit saves you from real-time, day-of stressors on your wedding day.

#5: Extra Power Strips

Between hair tools, steamers, chargers, and speakers, your suite might start to run low on outlets. To ensure that every plug has an outlet, bring a few extra power strips with you. No one will need to wait for an outlet, and this will also guarantee that everyone’s phones and cameras are charged to capture the candid moments of your special day.

#6: Hangers, Hangers, and More Hangers

When it comes to a bridal suite, you can never have enough hangers. Between your dress and accessories, the flower girl’s outfit, and all the dresses for the bridesmaids (not to mention the cute ‘getting-ready’ robes, sweatshirts, etc.), the room may become cluttered...real quick. Not only will hangers save the floors from becoming messy, but they will also save you time from having to re-steam any items. Hangers provide the convenience of being able to keep your clothes crease-free, easy to store, and easily accessible for when it’s go-time!

#7: A Comfy Pair of Shoes

While the heels you bought for your special day will look beautiful walking down the aisle, they might not make for the most comfortable shoes the entire evening. Pack a pair of flip flops, comfy slides on or even slippers to change into. Trust us, your feet will thank you later. Whichever style comfy shoes you choose, the memory of your event will be chock-full of free-rein dancing and laughter, not blisters and achy feet.

Need a venue with a bridal suite and an on-site coordinator?

An on-site wedding coordinator can ease your mind with everything wedding related and cover things you may not have known you needed. At The Breakwaters, our wedding coordinator is known for her thorough execution and having all things run smoothly to make sure you have the perfect day. For more information about our venue and planning your coastal wedding with bridal accommodations in the same building, contact our on-site wedding coordinator, Sarah Mormello, at sarah@breakwatersseaisle.com.

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