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Planning a Two-Part Wedding During a Pandemic

Planning a Two-Part Wedding During a Pandemic

Just because you may have had to postpone actual wedding plans, does not mean you have to wait to become legally married.

Many people’s original wedding plans were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just because you may have had to postpone actual wedding plans, does not mean you have to wait to become legally married.

You can start the celebrations with a low-key or grand event to introduce the couple’s extended family and friends.

Why Have a Two-Part Wedding?

There are many beneficial reasons why couples may decide to do a two-part wedding. Some couples place the priority on the legal part of the wedding and given the circumstances, do not mind postponing the celebration to a later date. Others have older relatives, so having a legal wedding at a later date may help ensure that loved ones can be in attendance and stay safe. There are so many options when it comes to how and why one would want to hold a two-part wedding. It allows couples to still get married while ensuring their safety as well as that of their guests.

. Part one is the legal aspect of a wedding, the joining in matrimony, becoming a legally bound couple.

Part One

Many couples wonder what exactly a two-part wedding would look like. Part one is the legal aspect of a wedding, the joining in matrimony, becoming a legally bound couple. The second part would be your original wedding plan (ceremony and reception) or a modified version of it.

Even though the first part was not what you had initially planned and envisioned for the exchange of your vows, there are still many ways for you to make it memorable. There is no right or wrong way to hold a wedding in a time of social distancing. It is essential for you to consider who you feel needs to be at the ceremony and know that you are doing the right thing that is safe and best for everyone.

Churches and registry offices are not able to accommodate a large number of people currently. Some couples have decided to include only their immediate family to witness their marriage, while others chose to include only themselves. Many couples are deciding to make it official in a special place. Whether that place is meaningful to them or a place they have always wanted to visit (if it is travelable), they are doing what they can to make their wedding as personalized as it can be.

Now that restaurants are beginning to resume normal business, some couples may go to their favorite restaurant after the ceremony with their immediate family to celebrate. Some locations with large enough outdoor seating may even be able to accommodate your family and some close friends if you wish to celebrate with them. If you were hoping to have more of the guests that you were planning to have in attendance at your original wedding ceremony, see you on your legal wedding day there is also a driveby or online option. You can coordinate with guests to drive by where you and your significant other got married, or even organize a live stream of the event, so all your family and friends can see you on your special day!

Part Two

Part two of your wedding can follow your original plan. We are all still adjusting to how this time has affected our lives, but getting married is still a wonderful time in life. Some couples may feel that having a wedding divided into two parts will take away from the overall magic. Couples that have decided to have a two-part wedding did not find this the case, and they made sure although unique, still very much an enjoyable experience. Some couples are still planning on following through with their original plan once the pandemic is over.

In contrast, others have adjusted it slightly to remove parts they don’t feel necessary anymore. For example, some couples are planning on skipping the ceremony and focusing on just being able to have a good time with all of the guests. Some are catering food at an outdoor venue while others are having a BBQ at their home. Talk with your significant other about what parts they would feel necessary to include. This is a time where you and your partner can really readdress what is important to you.

Stick to what matters most to you, and only keep traditions that are important to you and your significant other. Some wedding traditions may be challenging to accommodate now because of social distancing. Some questions couples are asking are: “Do we still dress up?” and “Do we include the bridesmaids/groomsmen?” You dictate how formal or informal you would want the second part of your wedding to look like. It is crucial to communicate with your significant other to decide how you both feel about the traditions and how important they are to you.

Do not let guest’s potential opinions dictate any of your decisions in planning your wedding.

What will guests think?

Many couples are nervous as to what their guests may think about this slightly unorthodox wedding. So much is out of our control right now, so control what you can! It is your wedding, so therefore you have the ultimate say in how you want it to be. People will always have advice. Do not let guest’s potential opinions dictate any of your decisions in planning your wedding. Remember that you're having your wedding in two parts to ensure everyone’s safety and it is whatever you and your significant other decide.

Although times are different now and weddings may be a bit untraditional, we are still able to make special memories that will last a lifetime; this is a time that everyone will always remember. At the celebratory phase of your wedding, your guests will be happy they get to be a part of such a pivotal moment in your life. They will be thrilled about your marriage, whether they were there for your ceremony or not. What matters is the union of your love, and whatever you decide is to do will be best for you and your partner.

The Breakwaters can help you plan an incredible two-part wedding

It's Your Day(s)

If you decide to go with a two-part wedding, those are your special days. Remember that you are not alone, and countless other couples have had their wedding plans uprooted due to COVID-19. There is no proper etiquette for weddings during this time of social distancing. Just because things are a little different right now does not mean that you can’t make your wedding just as memorable as you may have imagined it- it may even feel that much more special! We can help you plan an incredible two-part wedding, which will bring a lifetime of memories. Contact us to get started

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