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The Guide to Fall Weddings: Trending Colors and Decor

As the excitement of wedding planning kicks in, so can the stress. The wedding planning world can be extremely overwhelming. Between deciding on flowers, food, seating arrangements, the dress, the tux, the hair and more, it’s easy to feel a little lost in all of it. Furthermore, having to tie in the ambiance of the season with the already large multitude of tasks to worry about, it can all seem a little difficult. With this guide to your fall wedding colors and decor needs, there are several exciting and easy ways to add fall themes into your special day!

Wedding Accent Colors

When considering decor for your special day, the easiest way to add some flair to all the beautiful accent pieces is to add some color. Fall presents the perfect opportunity to showcase those deep, romantic dark tones that give your wedding some sophistication. While pastels in spring and summer present a light and bright feel to your special day, deeper tones add romance and elegance. So what are the tones you should be sticking to this fall season?

Reds, Burgundies, and Maroons

Flower Bouquet

Red- the color of romance. When we look at all things relating to love including roses, hearts and even Valentine’s Day, a common recurring theme is the color red. So what better way to boost the romantic ambiance of your day than to incorporate deep toned reds. Colors such as burgundy, maroon, and even plum add a touch of elegance by incorporating the muted, deeper tones to the usual white and bright colored decor. The contrast between the white and deep red tones will accent the beauty of it all tastefully.

Rustic Browns, Burnt Oranges and Forrest Greens

Flower Bouquet

When you think of fall, some common color schemes include shades of brown, orange, yellow, and green. So why not take those pallets and apply them to your fall wedding? By selecting muted shades of these colors, the tones will wonderfully accent the natural landscape you have to work with. Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, this color scheme will tie into all the foliage of the season. There are endless opportunities to incorporate these colors into all aspects of the day. For example, a white wedding cake decorated with fall colored leaves is a stunning and unique accent piece to your fall wedding.

Metallic Accents

When it comes to accent colors to include in any decor or arrangements, metallic options are the perfect way to add some tasteful touches throughout the wedding. Specifically, a

metallic copper color would add flare while also incorporating more of those beloved, comforting fall tones. Adding small metallic accents to little accessories such as seating arrangement cards, boutonnières, bouquets, and centerpieces will be the perfect way to subtly accent your color themes beautifully while adding some fun and elegance to the mix.

Ivorys, Beiges, and Off- White.

While the traditional white wedding is beautiful, a stark white might be a little too bright for a fall wedding. Embrace tradition while also tying everything together by incorporating variations of white such as ivory, beige, and cream. These will add contrast to your fall decor while still making sure everything is cohesive.

Fall Wedding Decor Must-Haves

When choosing a wedding in the fall, it is almost essential to tie in the beautiful nature pieces that come with the season into your wedding. Multi-colored leaves pop amazingly against those still green ones that appear in the fall- so why not embrace that opportunity? In the fall wedding season, it is essential to embrace not only nature but texture as well.

Foliage and Fresh Fruit

Nothing accents the beauty of nature quite like the fall season. Between the leaves changing, and an abundance of new fruits and vegetables being harvested, there is no better time to opt for using that beauty to your advantage. Focusing on centerpieces such as cornucopias filled with brightly colored fruits, vegetables, and floral accents is a unique way to set your wedding apart from the traditional flower arrangements while embracing the fall time. Some examples to incorporate include the multicolored leaves, forest green foliage, pine cones, pumpkins, apples, and gourds.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Aside from incorporating all colors of the season, you should also consider embracing an array of textures. Materials such as wood, stone, marble, silk, lace, brick and velvet will add even more of a personal flair while accenting those fall tones beautifully. For example, a forest green colored ribbon tied around an ivory lace napkin for the table settings will add a subtle bohemian and romantic ambiance that goes perfectly with the fall season. By embracing texture there are many chances to add more accents to your fall wedding.


As we embrace the season change, we also embrace a little less daylight. The use of dainty string lights and candles is the perfect way to illuminate your day, while further adding more romance to the setting. The warm-colored lights will make your wedding feel more soothing, relaxed and comforting while adding a magical touch.

Now that you have some fall wedding inspiration brewing in your mind, let us help you put together your dream wedding! With an onsite wedding planner, catering and lodging, Breakwaters has all your wedding day needs at the convenience of one phone call! To book your special day with us click here!

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