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What To Do If You Need To Reschedule Your Wedding

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe, many events have needed to be rescheduled or canceled. For those who have upcoming weddings planned in April, May, and even leading into the summer, they have been forced to rethink their dates and consider postponing their special day. This is not only for the health and safety of themselves but also for their loved ones too. During times like this where no one can tell what the time frame may be for people to start safely gathering again, it's essential to understand all of the details at stake.

What You Should Tell Your Guests

Let your guests know that there will be a change of plans. Remember that this is not your fault to be in this situation, and you want to keep everyone safe and healthy. Sending out formal postponements in the mail would be the most polite step in assuring your guests of the implications of your original wedding date. Doing this will provide relief to family, friends, and vendors. On your wedding day, you and your partner should be surrounded by all who love and care about you. Your wedding will still happen, but at a later date in time, and that’s okay! Don't let these unfortunate events ruin your wedding bliss. Remember to stay positive during these times of uncertainty, you are still going to marry the love of your life.

Choosing the Best Options

Should you push your date back a little, or try to reschedule your wedding for 2021? Most couples decide on their wedding date during a specific season for a reason. Your vision is in place, and it would be a shame to change what you originally had your heart set on. Consider pushing your date another year if you can to keep your season, because unfortunately, no one is in the know of what will happen in the coming months. This will help give yourself more planning time surrounding COVID-19 concerns for large group gatherings. When everything going on settles down, people will come out of this as a more connected community. Everyone is going to be so excited to be able to get together and celebrate you and your partner after this time passes.

How to Cope With Your Booking Arrangements

We have undoubtedly entered a very uncertain time financially for all parties involved with wedding planning. Many businesses in the wedding industry obtain their only income from working and hosting these events. Everyone is trying to keep their businesses afloat, and because of this, people may be hesitant to allow for refunds for the time being. We are all in this together, so being understanding is the only way couples and small businesses can continue to move forward. Reach out to your vendors and discuss with them the options that you have of moving your wedding to a future date. Some might give refunds, others may work with you on maintaining the contract that you have in place for your new date down the road. Whatever the outcome, this will be important in how you choose to move forward.

Stay Positive

Do not lose sight that your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience! At the end of the day, marrying your partner and the love that your guests will witness during this celebration will not be lost. Event industry leaders are working hard through new standards, procedures, and ideas to support couples across the globe. Be open to postponements and rescheduling rather than cancellations.

Consider Moving From Weekend to Weekday

Be open-minded and flexible! If you are willing to move your wedding date to an off-peak day like Monday through Thursday, there is a better chance that in the long run, you will have the least amount of core event changes as possible. A back-up plan is the best plan! At The Breakwaters at The Dunes, our incredible event coordinator, Sarah, is available to help guide you through the date changing process. We understand the situation, and our event team wants to alleviate stress and work with you to try and come up with the best options for changing dates. The Breakwaters at The Dunes is in your corner, and we will ensure that your wedding will still be filled with all the love and beauty that you dreamed about on this day. If you have any questions, need guidance about the next steps of how to reschedule your wedding date, or are looking for a new venue in lieu of this situation, contact us through our webpage.

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