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Why A Breakwaters Wedding Is What You Need

“We had our wedding there in June and everything was amazing. People are still raving about the food, the wedding planners went above and beyond for us and the condos that everyone stayed in were fabulous! We highly recommend hosting your event at the Breakwaters. We wish we could do it all over again!” -Samantha

Looking to get a similar experience for one of the most important days of your life? While there are endless options for where to host your special day, have you ever considered tying the knot by the beach? Beach weddings are some of the most naturally romantic and easy to pull off weddings. Spending your special day on the beautiful beaches of Townsends Inlet, NJ, surrounded by your loved ones, will create memories that will last a lifetime. A wedding at Breakwaters is truly unmatched.

Benefit Of Beach Weddings #1: More Casual And Simplistic Than A Traditional Wedding

Beach Wedding

Beaches have the ability to offer a naturally romantic setting with minimal need for additional decor. What better backdrop is there than the sun gleaming over the blue water as it sets? There is not much that can top that view! The beach provides you with a more laid back, relaxed ambiance to your special day. With the sound of waves crashing and the pure bliss that beaches bring, the stress of the big day will be submerged into the blue ocean almost immediately upon stepping onto the sand.

With trinkets found on the beach such as sand and sea shells, all the decor you could need can be found right at your fingertips. Due to the wide amount of space you have on the beach, there is a lot of room for customization to make the venue truly unique to you. The options are limitless in such an open, beautiful space to make your wedding look just the way you want it.

Benefit Of Beach Weddings #2: Stunning And Unflawed Pictures Of The Day

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings provide a naturally breathtaking backdrop featuring bright blue waters and warm colored sunsets. Not to mention at that golden hour when the sun is setting, you and your new spouse will be able to take stunning, and naturally romantic photos together. This location provides the perfect backdrop for those special pictures of you and your new spouse that you will cherish forever.

Another perk of an outdoor wedding is the natural lighting. It will be easier for your photographer to capture stunning moments without having to worry about adjusting a flash, or tampering with lighting issues. Your photographer will be able to focus on capturing all those moments during your special day.

Benefit Of Beach Weddings #3: The Location Can Also Be Your Honeymoon Spot!


Due to the natural beauty of it all, the beach is one of the most romantic locations to spend your honeymoon. Why not save all the hassle and airfare of travel and spend more time relaxing and enjoying the company of your loved one? Spending your entire wedding experience by the ocean calls for a romantic, carefree and relaxed experience that you will remember forever!

Benefit Of Beach Weddings #4: The Location Doubles As A Mini Getaway For You And Your Guests

Wedding Decor

Pre and post wedding activities, you and your guests will be able to enjoy quality time together and make memories by the beach. Whether enjoying the warm sun on your skin, or taking a walk down the beach as the sunsets and the breeze blows, the location can help you and your close ones celebrate your love, while also enjoying some peace of mind themselves.

Now, while a wedding at the shore sounds amazing already, what if there was a way to make your beach wedding even BETTER? Well, there is! By hosting your wedding beachfront at the Breakwaters, your day is sure to be a breeze.

Benefit Of Breakwaters Weddings #1: Onsite Event Planner

Sarah Mormello

The Breakwaters offers to you our onsite wedding planner, Sarah Mormello. Working with Sarah will help to remove any stress from your special day. Sarah knows the in’s and out’s of the venue and its capabilities, therefore her main goal is to ensure that all your wedding day dreams are possible without you having to worry about any of it the day of. Sarah is there to help with all the little details of the big day and allows you more time to really enjoy and experience the magical day, stress free.

Benefit Of Breakwaters Weddings #2: Everything Can Take Place In One Location

Wedding Decor

With space for the rehearsal dinner, lodging, the ceremony and the reception, Breakwaters can handle all your wedding day needs! Our venue provides multiple locations for your rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, ceremony, and reception. We also offer onsite rooming for guests. This convenient space offers you room to prepare and get ready for the big day, all while enjoying a beautiful view to help you relax and enjoy. This space also allows guests to stay and safely celebrate the night away with you. With all there is to do down the shore year round, you can even stay for your Honeymoon!

Benefit Of Breakwaters Weddings #3: Coastal And Classically Designed Ballroom

The Breakwaters Ballroom

A spacious and beautifully designed ballroom that is easy to customize and decorate to your liking is the perfect spot to hold your reception! You’ll be able to offer a nice sit down meal for your guests to enjoy with the newly weds, as well as offer enough space for a dance floor to dance the night away! This space is all neutrally colored, that way you can decorate the space to your liking and to fit your magical day.

“Working with the breakwaters was an all included solution. Our goal was to have a fun, easy and not overly expensive wedding that left a lasting impression on our guests. We worked with the wedding planners via phone/email since we lived an hour away and met in person twice, and everything was PERFECT! The custom menu, the beach ceremony, the coordination with our band, everything. They recommended great vendors to work with including a bagpipe player, florist and videographer. The staff was incredible throughout the whole process and the wedding planners allowed us to not worry about details and just enjoy our day! Also they are super well connected in Sea Isle so they were able to pull off fun details like having the fudgy wudgy man make an appearance!”


Breakwaters is able to offer you the beauty and simplicity of a beach wedding, all while making the process easier on you! What more could you ask for on your big day? Anyone interested in more information or scheduling a tour can contact Sarah Mormello! Email her today at

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